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u want

“don’t hate the player. hate the dream”

It’s fucked cause I never really question what I’m dOing with my life. I mean sure, somedays don’t hit but that’s because im doing what i’ve always wAnted to do. drEams are often far-far away

anD tHe PursUit of One

delivers FailURe, dOubt, And This.

And that’s show up daily to WorK on Show, After ShOW, After Show, AftER ShOw, After Show, after Show,

after Show.

Speaking of which, there’s not a you and I today without the program

that started it all, “WTF u READinG”.

ThiS Show has ALWAYS been for Adults Only.

We can’t spenD too Much TimE thinking

BOuT the Children (MORE On this next Quarter)

This Show has also been different in the past.

SeE, back when I waS a Young Chap in 2020,

the 27 year old me couldn’t see that this show needed to be a-lot Less about the Books..and More about the question.

Wtf u Reading?

think about it and thInk about it some more and boom! with an honest aSSesement now doWnloaded

in your sIGht, you’d learn about the Following.

I don’t Read books but I reads texts.

I don’t read books but I read subtitles.

I don’t Read books but I read Menus.

I dont’t read books but I read Memes.

I don’t read books but I read tweets.

I don’t read books but I read texts.

I don’t read books but I read Parlays.

I don’t read books but I read texts.

I don’t read books but I read texts.

I don’t read books but I read subtitles.

I don’t read books but I read subtitles.

I don’t read books but I read subtitles.

pg. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

so Yeah, as you can imaGine that Question gets

the gears turning.

and again, the Show was different and now is simple cause all we do is ask the question..

wtf u reading?

Seriously. That’s all we do and all they do is talk and talk and talk and talk and talk.

and dont worry jackass, somewhere in each Episode.under all the antics is a book reccomendation or two for yoU and I. Cause

remember, it’s all about the books.

it’s all about the adults.

We need to be looked after.

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let’s go to the studio

“im just a man with some good buddy’s and even better bud.”

356 weeks ago I slept in for a final Exam

during my Third stab at College &

SECOnD AT biology 1100.

Chances are, the night before conSisted of

mediocrity & thought due in large part to my

study tactics and thIs all-of-a-sudden

lifestyle that took me from recording session, to recording seSSion to recording SeSSion.

Was I producing Podcasts? the fuck is that.

Was I making youTube Videos? not really.

Was a friend taking me to work?


and I would tag around often during those nights which consisted of free weed and free music.

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btw, I must say looking back, I borrowed a lot of smoke from the friends for a good 3 to 8 year stretch. At that particular time though..I feel as If the only reason I was eligible for so many free pulls was because I entered the puff-puff-pass Clan so late into my Life.

See partnEr, I began Smoking 1 day afTer she did me Dirty. I was the lease. She was the Fentantl dealer. The homies draGGed me Outta the Casket 3 hours into hibErnation and rolled me a blunt fatter than a 7/11 taquito. I could still feel the Weight of it iF i thought hard enough.

Speaking of Hard enough...

stayed up

what went up

I didn’t inhale the smoke hard enOugh for the herb to make cOntact with my lungs aka MY soul Aka the first time I smoked weed I never got high. The clouds never stood a chance in my mouth.


Some would call this a missed opportunity but the future would claIm it as divine timing.

I say this OnLy because 17 months laTEr, I heard Music for the first time.

My relationship with marijuana has so much to do with music because I smoked so much so often inside a car owned by a 22 year old man, who’s really nice with the aux. That same 22 year old is the friend that allowed me to shadow him at work..which was where I found paSSion. where I found a lot of it. And It’s where I smoked a lot of bud and happily became a dreamer.

purpose was possible. the chase was on.

and it was powered by street weed.

that and a playlist.

Hours after I fucked up and missed the Exam, i opened the front door to the crib and embarked onto the longest walk of my life but before doing so, I remember calling out My dog’s name, pulling out my notebook and telling Loki this:

“im gonna make a playlist and update it every Sunday”.

The rEst is tmrw.

I update my playlist every Sunday with 22 songs.

I also have a show where we find stuff to listen to

lets find something to listen to


“People need to understand that size does matter”

I grew up in Surrey-British Columbia, a city infamous for shanaIgans & famous for what’s to come.

At one point our sign even said:

”the future lives here.”

Speaking of which, I think about the future often. When will air travel or any long distance travel be instant? What will come from the research behind 50 years of Smart phone addiction? What will be the next letter group to join the lgbtq+ community. I think it’ll be “z” and rightfully so. by 2028, where will Video games rank amongst the most Watched sports in North America? And lastly, why did we end up being taken over by Robots?

The last question is one i am trying to get in front of. This is due in large part to my want for the human race to remain on top of the List. I also think it’s possible for one person to make that much of a difference.

See robots Are becoming more and more friendly and present to our thoughts, processes and desires.

in other words, we’re getting closer and closer to the inevitable.

now u see me

now u dont


let’s just say sometime around the 50-year anniversary of the smartphone and 34 years after the invEntion of chaT gbT, scientist Mukesh Singh Ram discovers scIenCe that reflects the end of the beginning Of mankInd.

(SEE quote below for more details)

“After being in the brain-game for 50 Plus years I can safely say i’ve seen more head in my life than most trained professionals.

and with my experience comes the truth behind some of my most recent studies. See, as made opEn to the Public for decades, stats behind the average size of thE human brain have displayed dips in both volume and weight year after year after year. This Made it easy to predict that in the near futurE. we’d actually lose our minds.

I’m afraid as of yesTerday, tmrw is

just around the corner.

Our data from this year’s rEports display that our brains are 4.2 % smallEr and Lighter than they were last year. This brings that number to 19% bSl (brain size loss) over the past 35 years.

So with this informaTion, I urge you once again to tell your fellow friend to think for themselves.

cause dammit size matters.”


I think too many of us are okay with thinking less and less and less and less.

it’s like the cool thing to do and surE, its nice having things done for you that “are not that important” but this is a slippery slope.

cause whats next?

Less and Less things for us to do and a whole Lot of power being puT in the hands of those sons of bitches.

Anywho, I got a show on the network where my robot Friend answers all my Questions. It’s called “kyle & his robot”.

I hope you enjoy.

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“dedicated to a friend of a mine”

I hate that mother fucker named Trevor Beggs.

See, weeks before the grand opening of the Network, the Former Co-host of “The Morning Practice” let me know that he was no longer interested in speaking on behalf of our people.

This was because he alongside his better half are having a second child.

Let me say that again okay ahah..this dude don’t wanna talk about sports with me on Apple Podcasts & Spotify cause he wants to make sure he has time for his family lol

Like come on..I’m asking you to talkkkk not climb Mount Everest professionally. bruh just ask your fam if you can have 15-30 minutes a day jackass. Don’t be scared right? ur the man right? they got ur last name right? And to do this in year six of our journey shows me exactly the type of man I Lost on my team. Which does make the blow seem more like a promotion. I mean shit, one-man shows are better shows than ones co-hosted by a man naMed Trevor.

See, loyalty is what allows bonds to inch closer to higher-potential and for you to choose someone you haven’t even met yet over me is typical for a guy named Trevor. I mean think about it. do you know any trEvor’s that aren’t pathological liars?

The T in Trevor stands for Fucking Traitor ass peace of shit.

just joking

I love that mother fucker named Trevor Beggs.

he’s a loving family man with a giant heart and an appreciation for the anyone.

Beggsy is also one-of-if-not the biggest reasons I am where I am today. He’s the friend who helped start it all and the brother who continues to be supportive beyond control with his time and wisdom.

Speaking of some Beggsy wisdom, I’ll never forget the many of times my brother helped me get re-aligned with all this by pointing out the simple fact that fun has to be in the middle of the process.

yup. you heard Trevor. Fun.

Fun wakes you up.

Fun keeps the engine going.

Fun drives home results.

Covering sports with beggsy over the years has supplied a lot of escapism and more notably displays of excellence. Some say there’s a lot of inspiration in just that, excellence.

And minutes after (most of the time at least) athletes pull off the “I-can’t-believe-he/she-just-did-that”..they get asked about the how behind their results & more often than not you get the same answer:

“I waS able to pull off some amazing shit cause I was having fun out there.”

fun is fluid.

Fun is efficient.

Fun is needed.

all this being said, Enough with the fluff. let’s get straight to business.

No longer will Trevor and I produce a show daily for the network that recapped the world of Sports. Beggsy got offered a paid gig elsewhere to talk nhL and decided to bring me along with him. That’s what friends are for. They’re here to help you pay rent.

That being said, Mr.beggs and his family are finalizing a deal with our network that would put the wheels in motion for the rebirth of one of our favourites:

meanwhile in Canadia.

The program where Trevor and I (and now you) become more Canadian.

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its like social studies

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out in April


Spring 2023

“It’s not just a game. Its that game.”

When word got out that “The Morning Practice” got pulled off the air, the folks over at the network realized we were in a pickle.

how the fuck do we make cent$

without a sports show?

how is this a puzzle when

theres a piece lost?

how do I stick to the plan when i’m forced to draft a new one up?

life I tell yeah, it throws you some Chinese food and then murders ur family with

the chop sticks.

with a new task at hand and a deadline that said tomOrrOw I realized thaT iT was time to hit the road to ask Mother nature fOr yet another fucking answer.

If you know me you know I fuck with a gOOd walk with a purpose aka a good walk with a quEstion. Allow each step to connect the dots for you while you're on your way to a solution that is in dire need. bEsides, when your back is against the wall its best to be surrounded by none at all.

gEt out TO find out.

And after just a cOuple of minutes on this version of a must-need stroll, I stumbled upon something so Obvious you can’t even make this shit up.

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sometime next week, on the network where you get new episodes every tmrw, the debut of “The nba” will air on the network.

“The national bhawan association” will fill our airwaves about the news & facts from the nba of yesterday, today and tomorrow. The importance of this producTion cannOt be underestimated.

For years the nba has been a constant in my life but only in the world of YouTube, Instagram, twitter, podcasts (all the smoke & the bill Simmons podcast) and Stephen a smith. I can count on all 6 of my hands the exact amount of minutes i’ve spent watching the actual sport let alone the league. but there I am again, tuned in to the commentary around the action.

speaking of hands, i’ve admitted to have watched more porn in my life than the nba and that right there is the damn truth. I'm not ashamed nor am I perfect but dammit lady at least i’m actually @kylebhawan.

This sport leaves it all on

and Off the court..

[allegedly] and with the effort given on both ends we often get hit with an edit. an update. a new nba.

& new things shine.

also, I must say and before I say this I gotta say i’m barely right in the world of Futures and sports. but don’t you think basketball at one point or another will have its moment as the world’s most popular game?

sorry soccer, but this sport is

also “easy” to play

ball. net. legs. arms. eyes.

leave the reSt to the pro’s but let me just pretend for a second that our world will have more crossovers and three-pointers than goals and free-kicks. And sure Messi was great and still is but did he revolutionize the Sport like Curry? Oh wow look at you, you can juggle a fucking ball..fucken fantastic but look over there, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, nah it’s just a human flying with an orange in their hands.

speaking of which, the nba is premium television. Charisma and Personality don’t sit on the bench.

I, @kylebhawan can learn a thing or two from whats going on there and when I do, I’ll record it, then produce it and finally publish it for you and you and you and you...

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Source: Trenchcoat Film

“keep this short. your saying too much”

  overthinking is the byproduct of all of what we just did here.

I’m all over the place.

Unfortunate? Yes. Fortunate. Sure.

For so many days and so many more, I’ve been over here doing everything I can while everything else, is all the way over there. It’s a sad reality because you can’t

ever get time back.

Things happen once and once only.

This all being said. the level of guilt inside of me is always subtle. I mean it pains me. I have beautiful parents. But again, it’s always subtle and that’s because of this addiction I’ve had to this realistic dream of mine. A hit of this puts me back on track and damn, it does something to my vision.

I plan on getting help but only when im 93 and bored. not 29 and hungry.

right now..theres just so much to do.

Think about it, I just told you about my future. there are a handful shows to be recorded & produced and shit, we signed a deal to deliver you new episodes every tmrw.

a daunting task for some.

but a dream for one.

and that one is uhhh..

@kylebhawan and wait, speaking of “uhhh”

the final program i’m here to show you is,

“stay for uhhhh while Kyle”

why did I write a book?

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tap the cover art to find out

the show takes place wherever, whenever and always leavES me feeling bEtter.

I sit down.

I vommit.

I edit in between the uhhh’s.

and I deliver it to you in most of the places you stream podcasts..


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New episodes every tmrw. Like I said.

Like I promised.

Also, 99.9 % of the art used in this was pulled from Giphy and its users. Click the bar code on each image to source it.

Lastly,  I’ll be writing more of these I just don’t know when.